A man should have two things:
Great Style and Great Shoes.


DÈJON MARQUIS is an American based luxury brand named after fashion designer and principle; Dejon Marquis. Dejon was born in Oakland, California where he was influenced by the various combinations of high end and urban fashion trends. He later studied business management at Tuskegee University where his verve for alluring fashion & learned business savvy launched a young entrepreneur. Dejon always remained an artist talented in his craft coupled with his passion for elegance which resulted in the birth of DÈJON MARQUIS. Founded in 2009 this Italian handcrafted brand specializes in fine luxury goods and accessories.

After researching the globe for high grade manufacturers; he found himself traveling to Italy. Without any contacts or referrals Dejon  felt in his heart the only way he could truly live his dreams of producing a new fashion standard was by going to the ‘Mecca of Luxury’ goods. ” That’s where the story begins”. Every piece is carefully stitched and hand polished to perfection by skilled artisans. The brand prides itself on being made of the finest Italian leather & fabrics to create a collection of high-end  elegant fashion pieces.

Being a man of his word Dejon wanted to bring you quality in his brand while putting a classical spin on everyday wear. So he ventured out high and low to find  manufacturers that could live up to his expectations. The factories and artisans that were chosen are the same used by some of the most renowned luxury brands we have all come to love and wear today. He did this to ensure impeccable fashion production bearing the name DEJON MARQUIS. Since inception the creative pieces produced by Dejon has captured audiences around the world.

As an innovative designer with a meticulous eye for balance;  DEJON MARQUIS serves as a fashion brand with an undying conviction that the difference lies within the details being paired with exquisite accessories.  In fact the brands motto is “It’s all about the details.” This approach has placed him as one of the most sought after burgeoning fashion pioneers.